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JPson - Children Of The Light Tour - Witten

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JPson - Children Of The Light Tour - Witten
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Roxi-Jazz, Witten, Wiesenstraße 25, 58452 Witten
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Two years after releasing his debut EP „Coming Home“, South African „Fresh Folk“ artist JPson returns with his new EP Children Of The Light. JPson wasn’t gone though. Having done multiple, wide-reaching tours all over Europe and South Africa, together with acts such as Sons Of The East, Sean Koch, Will and the People, Riders Connection, Jack And The Weatherman and Jon and Roy, he further developed his blend of folk, roots and reggae sounds, spicing it up with some dub and psychedelic elements.

JPson himself states that „some songs on Children
Of The Light lead to a genre I like to call ‚Psychedelic Fresh Folk‘“. The EP was produced by fellow Filter Booking artist and friend Thomas Oliver in Berlin, with help from Lui Hill, who’s also based in the Filter crowd. Having taught himself to play the guitar on the beaches of Cape Town and being shaped by the two oceans on the shores of South Africa, JPson explains „it has been a true blessing to meet so many amazing artists along the road and to work in such an international team in this vibrant city on the other side of the globe“. Following the last single release One Day, an uplifting ode to what he loves most, supported by Sarah Anne Blake’s beautiful voice and Adam Sims and Alina Shalins stunning music video, Children Of The Light is now out.

One Day (Official Music Video)

Children of the Light (Official Music Video)


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