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Manticora EU tour 2019, w. Loch Vostok and Hexed. Essen show

in Essen   Veranstaltung im Ruhrgebiet  Turock     Aktualisiert: 16.03.19

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März 2019
um 19.30 Uhr

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Manticora EU tour 2019, w. Loch Vostok and Hexed. Essen show
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MANTICORA heads out on their 4th European headliner tour, to bring forth their strong mix of thrash and powermetal. After the release of their 334 page novel and their 8th album, which is a concept, revolving around the novel, it s time to let the fans hear the music live - music that an almost unanimous press has described as the band s best effort ever.

Manticora has released 8 albums, with the new album to be released on August 3rd. The band delivers dark, thrashy power metal in the Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Nevermore and Metallica style. They have been on 7 European tours – 2003 (headliners), 2005 (w. Angra), 2006 (w. Andromeda), 2008 (w. Jon Oliva’s Pain) 2009 (w. CIIC), 2010 (headliners) 2014 (headliners) and 2 North American tours 2008 (w. Jon Oliva’s Pain), 2018 (w. Persefone). Manticora have played a load of festivals all over the world, including Wacken, Sweden Rock Festival, Raismes, Progpower Europe, Denmark Rock Festival, PPM fest, etc etc.

Support bands:

The progressive avantgarde melo-death act Loch Vostok from Sweden should be known to anyone within the business now. Having released 7 albums and toured Europe as support for Therion, King Diamond and Leprous + done a split-headliner with Persefone, the band has been all around on the continent. Their latest album “Strife” saw them return to more aggressive waters, but also melodies and ideas in the songs were notched up.

HEXED – Sweden
The HEXED debut album ”Netherworld” was released in March, 2018 and the album contains ten blistering tracks. ¨Netherworld¨ has received fantastic reviews and the band has rapidly gained a reputation of delivering a flawless and perfect live show. The opening act anyone would wish for!
¨Exhaling Life¨ (feat. Thomas Vikström):



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