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Kid Klumsy (feat Weab von Dirt Box Disco) + Midnight Tattoo

in Essen   Veranstaltung im Ruhrgebiet  Don't Panic     Aktualisiert: 22.03.19

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März 2019
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Kid Klumsy (feat Weab von Dirt Box Disco) + Midnight Tattoo
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Don't Panic

Viehofer Platz 2, 45127 Essen, ☎ 020189944806 📧 oder per Facebook
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Kid Klumsy sind nach SPUNK VOLCANO AND THE ERUPTIONS ein neuer DIRT BOX DISCO Ableger. Schneller melodischer Punk Rock zum mitmachen.

Based in and around Coalville,Leicestershire. Kid Klumsy have been together a little while but are now heading further afield with their own headline shows around the Uk alongside some fantastic festival slots, all day slots and support slots at larger shows. The bands latest release ¨ Spit Your Dummy Out¨ is out now via STP Records and is available on Spotify, ITunes, Amazon etc etc.
The bands earlier ep releases can be listened to and downloaded on the Kid Klumsy bandcamp page. The bands fun presence on stage and off will take songs about Pukka Pies, Dyslexic Monkeys and more to hopefully put a smile on your face, whether on a stage or at home in front of your speakers. The band will also be playing their debut German shows in March 2019 as the Kid Klumsy bandwagon starts to gather pace, also possible shows in Japan for Halloween 2019 as well as Uk shows galore in 2019, hopefully you will get on board for the ride with us all. Look forward to seeing you all on the road.

Midnight Tattoo is a sing-a-long streetpunk band formed in the backstreets of Antwerp, Belgium in 2010. Ever since the summer of 2011 they played over 160 shows in 7 European countries. After having released 1 EP on a local record label and 2 EP s on Contra records it was time to record a full length album in December 2018 to be released in 2019. To promote the new record a DIY Germany tour has been booked for March 2019, as well as other shows and festivals in Belgium, Holland, France and England.
For fans of Red London, the Forgotten, the Agitators or Booze & Glory.

Einlass ab ca 19:00 Uhr / Beginn ca 20:30 Uhr!

VVK: 10 Euro zzgl VVK Gebühren
Abendkasse: 12 Euro
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